Friday, February 12, 2010

3 months and counting...

I am a senior at Bowling Green State University which is located in Northwest, Ohio. I am less than three months away from graduating. I rejoice everyday at the thought of leaving this rip-off-of-a-town and actually making more money than the 43 dollars in my checking account (which probably is less since I’ve been delving into it for the past two months). Although I am currently broke, I am a very fortunate because my parents paid for all four years of my college. Unlike my college roommates, I visualize a future with- out student loans. I will be able to leave Bowling Green debt free and will not have the burden of paying off student loans. Although I should be ecstatic, I feel a little guilty because that is not the case for my roommates and more than 60 percent of the university. Unlike me, they leave here almost 40,000 dollars in the hole! My heart sinks for all these students (even my parents) who will be paying off loans for the next 30+ years of their lives. And with the already ridiculously priced tuition rising, I feel for all the future BGSU falcons.I ask myself, were the four years at Bowling Green State University worth the 40,000 bucks?Although I would love to stand by the school that has helped me create so many great memories, I can’t. Bowling Green State University is a rip-off!


  1. If your parents are paying for your BGSU really such a rip-off? I mean, you're getting a FREE education. So many people can't afford any college--and you're getting your education handed to you.

  2. That is rather harsh considering she addressed this issue in her post. The fact that her education is being paid for does not take away from her ability to recognize what is fair/unfair about university policy.

    One thing you may want to address in a future post is how the university requires students to have health insurance. Not only do they require it, but they have bare minimum guidelines that have to be met or else you have to enroll in the coverage they provide.

  3. You are really bitter about Bowling Green Univ. Why did you go there for 4 years? Just wondering. Now where are you going to get a job in this economy that is your next problem. Of course you can always go home and live off mom and dad.