Friday, April 30, 2010

What a catering service!

University Dining Services and Catering is happy to attend to your dining needs with expensive food and terrible service!

BG24 News decided to take advantage of BGSU's catering service last Saturday to supply a room and food for their end of the year banquet. The banquet menu consisted of a pasta dinner including salad and breadsticks, a cheese plate and a fruit plate, along with a selection of different pop. The room was located on the third floor of the Bowen Thompson Student Union.

I am a member of BG24 news and it was my job to plan the banquet. I reserved the room and decided on the menu. I picked out the nicest food option-- it was between pasta or sub sandwiches. Each person who attended the banquet had to pay $12 for the pasta dinner.

The banquet was scheduled to start at 7P.M. I arrived at 6:15 to make sure everything was moving along schedule. After waiting about twenty minues, I decided to go figure out why no one had started setting up the room. Someone finally arrived ten minutes before the banquet started to help set up the platters (this was when everyone started arriving). The fruit platter had about four pieces of four different kinds of fruit. The cheese platter was nice! The pasta was ok-- not worth $12. To top it off they forgot to supply the table cloths so our "classy" banquet was more like a picnic--we ate on cheap, dirty plastic tables. We could have gone to a nice restaurant, instead we decided on BGSU's catering service. I should have known!

Monday, April 26, 2010

BGSU undergoes construction

Current and future BGSU students should get used to the current dust. BGSU's overall transformation is said to spread over 15 years. Here is a short story on how BG's construction is interfering with daily routines.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

BGSU's 31 year old recreation center

BGSU's recreation center has never been a favorite of mine. Due to the quanty and quality of the machines there is usually about a ten minute wait to use an elliptical machine. I decided to give the rec center another chance and take off a day off from running. Like usual there was a wait for the elliptical machines. I waited about five minutes before I got a machine. When I finally got on, the resistance on the machine didn’t work!
BGSU’s student rec center is a joke compared to other college recreation centers around Ohio.
The University website states “the Student Recreation Center has enhanced the quality of life for the entire University community since opening its doors on January 2, 1979.
Since 1979, BGSU has done little to update the fitness center (hence the 80’s woodwork feel).

The recreation center has two swimming pools, one whirlpool, a sauna in each locker room, a wallyball court, three squash courts, a weight room, spinning room, cardio area, running track, climbing wall, and sand volleyball court. The fee to use the center is paid for through the general college tuition.
Check out the virtual tour:

To the left is a picture of Kent States recreation center. The center consists of five outdoor basketball courts, two outdoor tennis courts, five outdoor sand volleyball courts, three indoor pools. A climbing wall, café, massages, and the list continues.

This is Ohio State University's rec center!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Most Worthless Majors

Seniors in high school have a lot more to worry about than one would think. Not only are they deciding upon a college but they are deciding what they want to do for the rest of their life. Looking back to my four year journey at BGSU, I can say I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Obviously my decision to pursue a Broadcast journalism career wasn’t an educated decision. How is a senior in highschool supposed to know what they want to do for the rest of their life?
The University allows students to come into college as “undecided.” This is good because it allows students to “find themselves” and see what they are passionate about. This also allows students to waste a ton of money on random classes that will most likely not count toward graduation.
They also allow students to change majors. Once a student chooses a major they have a list of specific classes they must complete in order to graduate. If a student switch majors they might have to start that whole process again, thus wasting money on classes they didn’t need!
I found a website that was very funny yet can help those seniors who are about to take a plunge into college. lists the top ten most worthless majors:
10.) Art History
8.)American Studies
7.) Music Therepy
4.)English Lit
3.) Latin
2.) Film
And finally (da da daa) the most worthless major award given to…
1.) Religion

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Map of the ten most expensive public colleges in America

This is a map of the most expensive public colleges in America. MSN Money lists these colleges as the most expensive schools:
1.) Penn State
2.)University of Pittsburgh
3.)University of Vermont
4.)University of New Hampshire
5.) New Jersey Institute of Technology
6.)Temple University
7.) University of Massachusetts
8.)Rutger's University
9.) University of Cincinnati

The least expensive college university is:
University of Nevada

View Most Expensive Colleges in America in a larger map

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Does BGSU think money grows on trees?

It seems like every semester students are getting bombarded with yet another fee. I set out to find some other fees Bowling Green State University pushes onto students, some of which students are probably not aware of. Some of these fees include Clinical Lab Fee, Course Fee, excess credit fee, physical education course fees, recreational sports fee, laundry fee, late registration fee, late payment fee, student teaching lab fee (and that is just some). Here is the complete list:
• Application Fee - Graduate
• Application Fee - Undergraduate
• Art Fees
• Audit Credit
• Automobiles
• BGSU Estimated Fees
• Clinical Lab Fee
• Course Fees
• Credit by Examination
• Driver Education Fee
• Excess Credit Fee
• Green Initiatives Fund
• Health Insurance Coverage
• Installment Payment Plan Enrollment Fees
• Installment Payment Plan Late Fee
• Late Payment Fee
• Late Registration Fee
• Matriculation Fee
• Music Fees
• Physical Education Course Fees
• Recreational Sports Facilities
• Registration Fee
• Residence Hall Technology Fee
• Return Check Service Charge
• Service Charges
• Student Legal Service Option
• Student Teaching Laboratory Fee
I encourage readers to check this out. Some of these fee’s I didn’t even know existed!
One fee that really aggravates students is class fee.
Bowling Green State University offers a variety of classes; however some of these classes require students to pay an additional fee. Many students feel the expensive tuition should cover these expenses.
Many of the science classes require students to pay a Lab Fee. These fees can range from $50-100. Students are already paying around 1,000 for the class.

Friday, April 2, 2010

The evil washer and dryer

Students living in the dorm have to pay a laundry fee of $150 per semester. There are 16 weeks in a semester which equals to 112 days students will be in the dorm (this is most likely to be less because some students go home on the weekends and do not stay the entire finals week). The overall cost to do one load of laundry is $2.25. To wash clothes it costs $1.25 and to dry clothes it costs 25 cents for about 20 minutes of drying. From my experience it usually takes a dollar (four quarters) to completely dry my clothes (three courters would suffice). Therefore, the overall process comes to $2.25 (I was able to wash all my clothes in one wash/dry). Students can do 66 loads of laundry per semester with the $150 dollar fee. That means, students are able to do four loads of laundry per week! For Sex in the City’s Carrie Bradshaw the laundry fee would be worth the $150 bucks; however, I highly doubt a single student would use the four loads.
The change from quarter machines to a semester fee only simplifies the process. Now students do not have to carry a giant bag of quarters or (if student were anything like me) hunt under the couch cushions and in every purse to find a quarter. I feel however this is another way for the university to make a couple extra bucks.