Friday, April 2, 2010

The evil washer and dryer

Students living in the dorm have to pay a laundry fee of $150 per semester. There are 16 weeks in a semester which equals to 112 days students will be in the dorm (this is most likely to be less because some students go home on the weekends and do not stay the entire finals week). The overall cost to do one load of laundry is $2.25. To wash clothes it costs $1.25 and to dry clothes it costs 25 cents for about 20 minutes of drying. From my experience it usually takes a dollar (four quarters) to completely dry my clothes (three courters would suffice). Therefore, the overall process comes to $2.25 (I was able to wash all my clothes in one wash/dry). Students can do 66 loads of laundry per semester with the $150 dollar fee. That means, students are able to do four loads of laundry per week! For Sex in the City’s Carrie Bradshaw the laundry fee would be worth the $150 bucks; however, I highly doubt a single student would use the four loads.
The change from quarter machines to a semester fee only simplifies the process. Now students do not have to carry a giant bag of quarters or (if student were anything like me) hunt under the couch cushions and in every purse to find a quarter. I feel however this is another way for the university to make a couple extra bucks.


  1. I thought the laundry fee was $50 a semester? My brother lives in Offenhauer and this is what he's told me...even at $50 a semester, he still doesn't get his money's worth.

  2. Girl you really don't like Bowling Green University do you? Time to get out and into the real world where you get ripped off everyday by someone.

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