Thursday, April 8, 2010

Does BGSU think money grows on trees?

It seems like every semester students are getting bombarded with yet another fee. I set out to find some other fees Bowling Green State University pushes onto students, some of which students are probably not aware of. Some of these fees include Clinical Lab Fee, Course Fee, excess credit fee, physical education course fees, recreational sports fee, laundry fee, late registration fee, late payment fee, student teaching lab fee (and that is just some). Here is the complete list:
• Application Fee - Graduate
• Application Fee - Undergraduate
• Art Fees
• Audit Credit
• Automobiles
• BGSU Estimated Fees
• Clinical Lab Fee
• Course Fees
• Credit by Examination
• Driver Education Fee
• Excess Credit Fee
• Green Initiatives Fund
• Health Insurance Coverage
• Installment Payment Plan Enrollment Fees
• Installment Payment Plan Late Fee
• Late Payment Fee
• Late Registration Fee
• Matriculation Fee
• Music Fees
• Physical Education Course Fees
• Recreational Sports Facilities
• Registration Fee
• Residence Hall Technology Fee
• Return Check Service Charge
• Service Charges
• Student Legal Service Option
• Student Teaching Laboratory Fee
I encourage readers to check this out. Some of these fee’s I didn’t even know existed!
One fee that really aggravates students is class fee.
Bowling Green State University offers a variety of classes; however some of these classes require students to pay an additional fee. Many students feel the expensive tuition should cover these expenses.
Many of the science classes require students to pay a Lab Fee. These fees can range from $50-100. Students are already paying around 1,000 for the class.


  1. What they think is that the State of Ohio share of instructional costs was over 70% before we were born and is now down to less than 20% (I'm being very conservative on BOTH estimates). Likewise, state investment in all those other costs is less than 30% of what it used to be as well. Politicians give a little tax cut each year and each year that loss of income means a spending cut somewhere else. Guess who gets to pay some of the cost of those tax cuts. In all seriousness, Miami University is all but privatized and BGSU is only a few steps behind them in terms of costs, but the state policy on privatizing will only let Miami U. out (and that is assuming they are willing to give up their something like 10% from the state). If BGSU tries to follow that plan, and the university president SAYS (probably state-required BS) BGSU will, expect a mess because the requirements require actions that are contradictory and self-defeating, such as raise graduation rate while also increasing enrollments. Most universities - even Harvard - are lazy and increase graduation rates on the backs of students by having demanding admissions standards, while increasing enrollments usually means decreasing standards and/ or providing more aid money, which is not available. There should be a whole class on why you can't work your way through college as easily as someone in the 60s or 70s. People just don't have a clue because the politicians probably don't want this kind of news getting out. It can't be like this everywhere though. Certain states have maintained more commitment than Ohio. There ought to be that sort of report in US News & World Report's figures, but it would probably slam some Ohio schools that have enjoyed a higher reputation for quite some time... Then again, this wouldn't be the only state with the same problem either!

  2. They will even pocket Out of State fees they mistakely charge students. BGSU is not about helping students and the well being of their future, they are just like any other business trying to make a profit. The president just got a 250,000 bonus this year. Plus all the overhead of people in the Administration building sitting around doing nothing.

  3. I guess the only thing that has improved in the BGSU students is they have more greed then pride. The college is 114 years old and anyone who takes it serious will have a very successful carrier. If you go anywhere for an education the a roof over your head should be enough for that. Wow