Friday, April 30, 2010

What a catering service!

University Dining Services and Catering is happy to attend to your dining needs with expensive food and terrible service!

BG24 News decided to take advantage of BGSU's catering service last Saturday to supply a room and food for their end of the year banquet. The banquet menu consisted of a pasta dinner including salad and breadsticks, a cheese plate and a fruit plate, along with a selection of different pop. The room was located on the third floor of the Bowen Thompson Student Union.

I am a member of BG24 news and it was my job to plan the banquet. I reserved the room and decided on the menu. I picked out the nicest food option-- it was between pasta or sub sandwiches. Each person who attended the banquet had to pay $12 for the pasta dinner.

The banquet was scheduled to start at 7P.M. I arrived at 6:15 to make sure everything was moving along schedule. After waiting about twenty minues, I decided to go figure out why no one had started setting up the room. Someone finally arrived ten minutes before the banquet started to help set up the platters (this was when everyone started arriving). The fruit platter had about four pieces of four different kinds of fruit. The cheese platter was nice! The pasta was ok-- not worth $12. To top it off they forgot to supply the table cloths so our "classy" banquet was more like a picnic--we ate on cheap, dirty plastic tables. We could have gone to a nice restaurant, instead we decided on BGSU's catering service. I should have known!


  1. haha your so mean! I like your blog here and how you cursed that catering service. :p

  2. I had a great time reading your article and I find it so interesting and informative as well. I will be visiting your blog again for more post just like this.

  3. This is ridiculous...This whole blog is actually. You are just looking for reasons to complain. Maybe you should be thankful for the great education you received, which probably would have been even better if you weren't looking for things to complain about all the time. Respect your school and grow up.

  4. Hi Farles,

    Hopefully you sent them feedback:

    Comments from this page are not only sent to staff, but send directly to Mike Paulus, the director of Dining Services.

    I can't say I'm thrilled with catering prices myself. I'll mention this in Dining Advisory Board, although I can already imagine what they will say about cost, catering service, etc. It looks like table cloth is an extra charge?? I haven't seen this yet because it's been a while since I had to order catering, but you might not have noticed that you have to order each table cloth and napkin! :(

    I will definitely also complain about this at the Dining Advisory Board meeting as well.

    Ian Lee
    BGSU TRIO Programs representative to the Dining Advisory Board

  5. I had New Orleans Bar and Grill Catering do my son's 1st birthday party. Joe was very helpful and provided excellent customer service.

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