Wednesday, April 21, 2010

BGSU's 31 year old recreation center

BGSU's recreation center has never been a favorite of mine. Due to the quanty and quality of the machines there is usually about a ten minute wait to use an elliptical machine. I decided to give the rec center another chance and take off a day off from running. Like usual there was a wait for the elliptical machines. I waited about five minutes before I got a machine. When I finally got on, the resistance on the machine didn’t work!
BGSU’s student rec center is a joke compared to other college recreation centers around Ohio.
The University website states “the Student Recreation Center has enhanced the quality of life for the entire University community since opening its doors on January 2, 1979.
Since 1979, BGSU has done little to update the fitness center (hence the 80’s woodwork feel).

The recreation center has two swimming pools, one whirlpool, a sauna in each locker room, a wallyball court, three squash courts, a weight room, spinning room, cardio area, running track, climbing wall, and sand volleyball court. The fee to use the center is paid for through the general college tuition.
Check out the virtual tour:

To the left is a picture of Kent States recreation center. The center consists of five outdoor basketball courts, two outdoor tennis courts, five outdoor sand volleyball courts, three indoor pools. A climbing wall, café, massages, and the list continues.

This is Ohio State University's rec center!


  1. I was Just looking for Pictures of the Stroh Center Online. I didn't know what it was when I passed it the other day. I Thought it was a Hockey Ring. What kind of damage did that do in terms of Money? Its amazing how Universities are with there Sports. Too bad about your rec center.

    Nice pictures!


  2. Those were really nice photos actually! And it is indeed understandable because of the age of that recreational center, the quality of it is not really that good. In my hometown in Denver, Colorado, recreation centers are innovative, and the place itself is really nice. Also in Denver, parks and recreation centers are perfectly made for all ages to enjoy, and for them to have a really great bonding experience.

  3. the fact that they BGSU forces you pay for things like sports games, use of rec, and other things that most students dont even do, is a rip off.

    I rather save like 3000 a year in tuition and pay for games/use of rec center than pay that 3000 and never going to the games or rec because the people that go there are obnoxious, rude, bros ( that treat women like shit and others ) etc.

    PS i love people who are drunk out in public.

    1. LOL. This also reminds me of a guy that enrolled at OSU just to "get the free football tickets." LOL.

  4. I heard the Stroh Center cost the Stroh family quite a bit of dough to stamp their name on it. It's quite popular at universities across the entire country to build stuff with big donations and stamp the largest donor's name on it. That's where BGSU's Rec is so fascinating. Where the heck is the name stamped on it? The answer is it's from a time when the State of Ohio actually made significant investment in university infrastructure such that private investors were not needed as much. Because politicians use tax cuts win elections, there is much the state can no longer afford after 30 years of that business. However, it may surprise you that OSU's Rec center is the culmination of a statewide recreation center building plan that started with BGSU and ended with OSU. The problem is that this plan spanned about 30 years. It also helps to know that OSU has been the favorite of Ohio politicians for over a century so it got the culmination of 30 years of testing at other universities. I still think it's an ugly shoebox though. Try living in some of OSU's older dorms though and you'll see a different side of the campus. The cockroaches are special...

  5. I'm a proud BG alumnus and have numerous relatives who go there now or who graduated recently. They all complain that university is putting way too much emphasis on sports (read: football) at the expense of regular students. Tuition is higher than Ohio State's! I would like to think that's because the education is superior, but let's be realistic. BG needs to listen to its students and do what's best for them!!!

  6. It's simple. If you don't like it-go elsewhere, LEAVE.

  7. Just the fact that BGSU even has a pool and sauna room makes me happy! I'm planning on swimming more now that I have gotten into a school that actually /has/ a rec center to begin with.