Monday, March 8, 2010

Campus Foods

Many students rely on Bowling Green University's cafeteria. Many of those students gain an excessive amount of weight since the start of the year, also known as the "freshman 15". As advice to these students many might tell them to eat healthy and avoid fried foods. In defense of the freshmen who are forced to eat Bowling Green State University's cafeteria food, gaining the freshman 15 is inevitable!

There is an abundant amount of different goods offered in the numerous cafeterias provided by Bowling Green State University; however, it is the price that drives students away from healthy choices. A medium salad bowl, which in is comparison to a scoop of ice cream, is $3.99. A large slice of cheese pizza is $1.99. Which option will freshman chose? Many would say the pizza.

The same price comparison goes for a fruit and a hamburger. A medium bowl of fruit is $3.99. For a hamburger and fries the total cost is $3.50.

Students use BGSU's meal plan system to buy food. The bronze meal plan, which is the smallest meal plan, gives students $1,440 a semester to spend on food. That means students can spend about $15 a day on food. If a student bought a medium bowl of fruit they would only have $11 to spend for the remainder of the day. If a student bought a slice of pizza they would have only spend about one-sixth of the money needed for one day. Again, what option would they chose?

Natalie Shulze, a senior at Bowling Green State University was affected by the "freshman 15". She says she is paying for her bad eating habits even today.

"I had the smallest meal plan and for me to be able to eat for a whole year I had to buy the cheapest food which tended to be the unhealthiest," says Shulze. "I gained the 'freshman 15' and then some!"

Freshman are not the only students gaining the "freshman 15". Even sophomores, juniors and seniors relying on cafeteria have gained additional weight. The excessive weight gain should be called "the falcon inflicted fifteen".

“I commute from Toledo and am usually am here all day on Monday and Wednesday,” said junior Lindsey Foster. “It’s frustrating how expensive the food is. I can get a combo meal at Wendys for a dollar more than a yogurt parfait at the Falcons Nest. And that yogurt parfait is gross and non filling!”

There are many things a student can do to avoid gaining the additional weight. Students must avoid eating when stressed. Eat solely at regular times and do not skip meals. Keep between-meal and late-night snacking to a minimum. Try to chose the low-fat option; choose low fat milk instead of whole milk or water instead of soda. Also, watch the size of your portions. Instead of eating two slices of pizza stick to one.


  1. It isn't a great system, but that is how the real world works. Look at McDonalds. $3 gets you dat sizzling beautiful double cheeze beezey, french frizzles and a cizzoke. Bowl of fruit anywhere costs more than that

  2. @Andy Ouriel
    I agree with you, but going to McDonalds isn't compulsory. McDonalds doesn't MAKE you buy a non-refundable amount of money from them and then only eat at McDonalds and its related and equally-unhealthy entities.