Tuesday, February 23, 2010

BGSU's parking enforcers keep busy

Bowling Green University’s parking situation is very a frustrating. Not only is there limited parking, but the university patrols parking lots looking for violators on what seems like a minute basis. I would not be surprised if Bowling Green State University hired a team of parking enforcers to hide in bushes wait for a person to violate a parking law. BGSU hands out parking tickets like its candy!
According to Nicole Delisio from the news wire, the University passes out an average of 45,000 parking tickets per year. According to Brian Sheckelhoff, the University made more than $650,000 in parking tickets just last year.
Parking tickets can range from $10 to $25. Parking rules are enforced from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Students must be prepared to wake up no later than 7 to move their car or their car will most likely have a ticket within five minutes after 7.
Bowling Green University needs more parking! Students are forced to park in restricted areas because there is limited parking. I think the university should use the $650,000 to build more parking lots.


  1. I got a $50 parking ticket for parking in a student lot without a proper tag during finals week last semester. I got the ticket about ten minutes after I parked my car to get to my on-campus job at 7 p.m. OUCH.
    My favorite ticket is the $7 one for pulling through a parking spot.
    Parking on campus disgusts me. Where else can you pay $60 for a tag, and then have to pay per hour for metered parking just to find a place to park? (And then run the risk of getting a ticket for some stupid reason)

  2. They doubled all parking tickets this past year. It's interesting finding your blog, if you still check any of this...

  3. Just leave your empty envelope on ur windshield and they will think the car has already been ticketed

  4. BGSU call me two or three times asking for money. I never give the a penny and never will until they change their parking policy. It is insulting to receive parking tickets from them as an alumni. I received a degree in '77 and paid handsomely the amounts they wanted semester after semester for course work. Now they badger me with the parking tickets.

  5. They charged me for out-of-state fees when I have been an Ohio Resident for four years just because I didn't update my address. When I went back to try to waive these fee they told me it was too late. I asked them it wasn't fair since they should have never charged those fees in the first place, Peg Crow from Registration and Record comment "it's not about been fair". My bill is almost double due to these fees.