Saturday, February 20, 2010

Does BGSU have a lack of advising?

College advisers give students guidance through the entire college process. They help students choose appropriate classes and help keep them on track. Students need advisers who are trust worthy and honest. At Bowling Green State University, it seems the advisers confuse the process more than help.
Caroline Bass, a senior at BGSU, made adviser appointments every semester of her college career. Each semester her adviser told her she was on schedule to graduation. Going into her senior year, Caroline went back to her adviser to make sure she would be able to graduate in May, her adviser said yes.
The first week of spring semester, Caroline checked her degree audit to make sure everything was accomplished however it showed she was three credit hours short of graduating. She set up another appointment with her adviser to clear up what she thought was an error.
When she met with her college adviser, he told her it was not an error and she still needed three more credit hours to graduate. Caroline, like many other BGSU students, feel their college advisers are worthless.
“My college adviser was useless,” stated Bass. “I feel they are more manipulative than anything. He kept telling me ‘oh, you’re on track’ then low and behold the semester before I graduate he tells me I still need three credit hours. Now I can’t graduate in May and I have to pay another thousand dollars.”
If Bowling Green University misinformed 100 students, all of which then would take one summer class, the university would make an easy $100,000. This is not the case for all students.


  1. This happened to me too! I was short on 300 and above level classes though. My adviser told me I was fine. I had to find out myself that I wasn't, and now in my senior semester, I'm taking 19 credit hours.

  2. At least your adviser talks to you. As a sophomore, I have had about four advisors in two years, and this newest one wont even talk to me. No emails back; nothing, and she's never in her office, either. I've signed up for summer classes with no advising and am about to do so for fall as well! I have no idea how on track or not I am for graduation. It's very frustrating.