Sunday, February 14, 2010

Graduation fee

I have three months and counting until I graduate! The other day I was told by one of my classmates that I had to apply for graduation. She said the deadline was a week prior and was unsure if I would still be able to walk. I was livid because i had never received an email stating the registration deadline. On that note, I didn't even know I had to apply! I walked over to the Arts and Sciences Office demanding they let me apply for graduation. The lady finally gave in and said yes. She gave me a form to fill out and said there would a a charge of $35 dollars to my bursar account. When I asked why she stated I had to pay to graduate(this does not include cap and gown, i still have to buy those).

Pay to graduate? Aren't we already "paying to graduate"? Somewhere in the $40,000 tuition there isn't a fee for graduation?

This is another example of how Bowling Green State University adds ridiculous fees to make a few extra bucks!

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