Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The City of Bowling Green Housing Law leaves empty pockets.

The City of Bowling Green has certain housing laws that make it difficult for students who go to school. The City of Bowling Green’s website states,
“In any single-family dwelling, in the City of Bowling Green, you are only permitted to have 3 non-related individuals ~ unless there is a pre-existing non-conforming use on record - you can check with our office to determine the legal use of a property.”

Juniors and seniors usually live off-campus. Many apartments and houses are available for them to rent. Many students chose to live in apartments due to the cheaper price. Houses located around the university are very costly. Some realtors are asking for more than $1,500.

For the size of the houses, this is a deal; However, Bowling Green’s housing law makes it nearly impossible for students to live there.

Many off campus houses have more than three bedrooms. Many of the houses have four to five bedrooms. Since these houses are technically a “single-family dwelling” houses, three students can live there. Students might have to pay more than $500 a month to live in a house.

Many students are frustrated with the law. Kristen Hess, a senior at Bowling Green State University, said her roommates violated the law and received a citation.

“We lived in a giant house on Troup Street that could easily fit six people,” stated Hess. “We thought we could get away with it until a Code Enforcement Officer came to our door with a citation.”

Students caught with more than three people in a “single-family dwelling” have to pay a $500 fine (per person). The extra people have little time to find a new place to live.

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