Sunday, March 21, 2010

Students should invest in a printer for fall 2010 semester

Starting Fall 2010, students will have to pay to print when using any campus computer. A new system Print Responsibly will go into effect to keep students from “abusing” the system. The BGSU website states “Print Responsibly is a new, more cost-effective way to handle ‘everyday printing’ and other tasks like copy, scanning and faxing at BGSU.” Students will simply pay a “per page price” for printing, copying, and faxing services.

The university hopes the new printing process will result in four things:

1.) Reduce overall printing costs
2.) Standardize equipment
3.) Improve office functionality and productivity by developing more multifunction devices that offer more features and functionality to clients
4.) Provide better customer service through improved access to information including proactive maintenance to reduce downtown.
5.) Reduce waste by associating a cost with each page printed making end users more aware of how much they consume.

This is one area where I agree with the University however feel the policy could be changes to better fit the needs of College Students. The Print Responsibly program makes students pay per sheet, starting with their first sheet printed of the semester. I think the university should allow a limit of pages a student can print for free. After the limit, student should have to be charged to print.

Many classes at BGSU require students to print out notes and articles. One of my classes this semester requires me to print out every article and bring it to class. The professor will walk around and grade us based if we have the article or not. The articles can (and mostly) exceed twenty pages! If he university charges five cents per page that is 50 cents easy!

There are many other universities who use the pay to print process. Ohio State University makes students pay per page printed.

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