Monday, March 22, 2010

Students oblivious to cancellation policy

Students at Bowling Green State University (and I would imagine students at most Universities across the country) have the option to drop a class. Students can voluntarily drop one or more courses or withdraws from the university during the semester. Most students believe if they drop a class they will be refunded the full amount for the class. This belief is true to a certain extent; however, I feel Bowling Green State University does a poor job informing students of this cancellation policy.

Last summer I took a summer class. I was in Los Angeles for an internship and had to take a class for BGSU. I was into the second week of the class and thought it would be too hard to juggle both. I dropped the class and later found out that I had to pay half the price of the class which came to a little over $500. I had no idea of this cancellation process (And I was a junior.) If I had waited a little longer that week I would have had to pay the full class price of $1000.
The same goes for classes during the school year. The BGSU website provides the information on their website. This is the Fee Refund Schedule for Spring 2010:

Regular Academic Session and RSP Session January 11 – May 7
Before January 11 100%
January 11 – January 17 90%
January 18 – January 24 80%
January 25 – January 31 60%
February 1 – Feb 7 40%
February 8 and after 0%

Students started class on January 11. In order to get all their money back on a class a student had to drop the class before the semester even started. Most students realize they do not want to take the class after it has started and they have gotten a feel for it. In this case they dropped it in the first week therefore they would only get 90% of their money back.

I understand that students should not get the benefit of sitting in a class and learning material for a month then dropping out. I agree, they should have to pay a certain amount of money; However, the University does a poor job informing students of this cancellation process. The university has got to be benefiting from the lack of knowledge on the cancellation policy.

For all of you taking a summer class, here is the cancellation dates. Don’t be a victim!

100% Before May 17
90% May 17 - May 18
80% May 19 - May 20
60% May 21 - May 23
40% May 24 - May 25
0% May 26 and thereafter

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  1. Is this if you are taking a certain amount of credit hours?

    I thought as long as you were considered a full-time student (12-plus credits), you didn't need to pay more for the amount of classes.